Microsoft Corporation Principal Engineering manager in Bangalore, India

The Universal Store team in Windows & Devices Group(WDG) is developing some of Microsoft’s largest scale and business critical cloud services. These services have a huge global footprint of over 240 markets and process millions of transactions daily, with loads growing linearly as Microsoft moves to a “cloud first”, “mobile first” strategy. The platform powers all of Microsoft’s key services - Windows App Store, Windows Phone, XBOX, Bing Ads, Office 365, Azure to name just a few. Whether renting a movie or buying a game on Xbox LIVE, purchasing an app on a Windows or Surface devices, signing up for an Office 365 subscription or paying for Azure services, you are using the Universal Store platform.

We are the Monetization Platform team in Bangalore within the Universal Store organization in WDG responsible for providing the high yield monetization, data platform, developer knowledge graph, data/ML models, insights, intelligence, engagement & Monetization. The team is uniquely positioned at Microsoft to build insights and knowledge across all developers in Microsoft, and have a common view of the developers across Microsoft services, including a deep understanding of their wants, needs and preferences.

Microsoft is innovating rapidly to grow its share of this market by providing the advertising industry with a world-class mobile advertising platform and services. Our R&D team is one of the most strategic and growing teams at Microsoft IDC Bangalore. This team is responsible for building end to end internet scale services & systems that include scalable machine learning systems, platforms for high speed performance, massive data warehouses, and mining insights from large, noisy, and sparse datasets. The problem space encompasses some of the biggest and most challenges problems in Computer Science (Machine Learning, Data Mining, Scalable algorithms), computational advertising and Mathematics (Optimizations, Probability Theory).

Do you want to work on something that would touch the lives of millions of developers (including your friends and family)? Do you want to deliver key innovations to revolutionary services built on the latest technology including the Azure, ML, Cosmos and other cutting edge Microsoft WDG proprietary technologies? Do you want to work with people who share your passion for building always available, scalable, highly responsive monetization services? Do you want to work in a team where everyone lives and breathes the Services mindset?

We are looking for a Principal Engineering Manager who is passionate about solving large business optimization problems at scale and develop a new class of services. If you are comfortable working in a start-up/v1 effort, enjoy incrementally marching to towards a well-defined long-term architecture, and are motivated by solving hard business process problems with technology then this could be the position for you.

The requirements for this role are:

  1. 10+ years of strong design and coding experience. This role requires that the candidate not only analyze the problem and propose the solution, but also implement it in our production systems. Knowledge of C++, Objective C, Java, Microsoft .NET & C#

  2. Demonstrable experience shipping software, internet scale services using REST APIs, Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure

  3. Experience in shipping Client technologies including SDKs for iOS, Android & Windows would be a strong plus

  4. Understanding & experience in Mobile/Display/Search Ad Monetization is a plus.

  5. Ability to communicate ideas effectively.

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